Thank Goodness It’s Friday Night Knitting!    

 July 14, 21 (Fair Isle and Stranded Knitting), 28, August 11 and 18

 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

 This class is intended to meet your needs as you work through a knitting or crocheting project that you might need some help with.  The class is rich with learning, as so many technique lessons pop up each week!  Working on a different project during each class is a great way to get all you can from this program.  I will share the projects and techniques that I am working on, and there is an extensive library of books and patterns available to inspire you.  I always have some new magazines to share, too.  Come and climb into a cozy chair for the evening!  You may register at a reduced rate if you pre-pay for 3 classes.  Delicious (almost famous) tea will be served.  Please register by Wednesday each week, if you plan to drop in.

Learn to Crochet 

Wednesdays 6 to 8 p.m.

July 5, 12, 19, 26

at Crafty Creations 
778 438 3008
6425 120 St
Delta, BC
(closed Tuesdays)
Crochet is a simple and exciting craft that provides limitless freedom to experiment.  

This introductory program will guide beginners through the basics needed to gain confidence and skill.  

Each week students will learn a new crochet technique, while working on small interesting projects. 

Samples will be made in each class to be kept in a student reference journal, along with personal inspiration and project ideas.

For the first session students will need two colours of a dk weight cotton yarn 

a 4 mm crochet hook, scissors, and a tapestry needle.  

  Students will also need one ball of Noro Kureyon for Session 2.

A binder with notes from each class will be supplied for you.

 T o s s     I t  !  

A Granny Square, Join As You Go, Pillow Cover Program

Wednesdays:  August 2, 9, and 16     6:00 to 8:30 pm
with Venessa Bentley
Working Hands Fibre Arts Studio
Learn the basic Granny Square design, then take it a step further and make nine!  
Join them together with a brilliant technique. 
Add a border, and a back, which we will also do in class, then toss it!

 Whispers: Knitting Beautiful Holes

3 Thursday evenings 

July 20, 2 weeks to knit in between, August 3 and 10 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Venessa’s Winter Wander shawl, design by Helen Stewart

During this program we will examine 3 shawl shapes:  the triangle, the crescent, and asymmetry
We will work small samples of each shape and explore the issues (increases, shaping, borders, edges, beading and more) that arise in each shape.
Students will choose at least one shawl project to work on over the 5 weeks and receive support and technical instruction to complete it.  
We’ll discuss patterns and yarn options on the first night.  I am happy to answer questions if you have a project in mind.
I will have the Piccadilly Shawl on the go.  Please join me! or choose your favourite.
You will receive a resource binder of notes and ideas for future projects.
 If you are interested please email for more details.
Registration is required by July 10.

Top Down and Seamless Knitting

This class is full.  Thank you!

 Saturdays noon to 5 p.m.  

July 22 (extra first class on the 29th), August 19, September 23, October 21

The cable knitting program finishes off this weekend, and this program will be our next ’studio intensive’.
It will run over several months, so that you will have a brand new cozy winter sweater.
We have knit many top down projects in the studio classes.  This time we are going to knit a Fair Isle project.
I’ve chosen Birkin from the latest issue of Laine Magazine.  Please purchase your magazine ahead of time.
This project presents some good learning opportunities.  There will be some 3 colour stranded knitting 
and I will guide you through the steps to convert this pullover into a steeked cardigan.  
We’ll take a look at the placement of the yoke and adjust it to flatter.
We’ll take advantage of knitting top down, to try on as we go, and add shaping where we need it.
I am planning to use a selection of Tukuwool fingering weight yarn from Finland.
You will receive a resource binder of notes and ideas for future projects.
If you are interested in this program, please email for more details.
Registration is required by July 15.

Get The Picture?  Knit Intarsia

a colour work knitting workshop

 August 8

noon to 5 pm

Intarsia is a colour work technique where areas of colour are worked with separate balls of yarn, 
picking up the yarn and dropping it as needed.
Yarns not in use are left hanging, and not carried along behind the work.
In a complex design, several motifs may be worked at the same time.
In this hands-on program, you will build several samples, 
knitting a variety of motifs, to add to a detailed binder of instructions.
You will learn:
to transition from one colour to another preventing holes
to maintain tension while working motifs
to work a variety of shapes and angles
to manage the yarn at the back of the work
to knit horizontal and vertical colour changes
to work from a chart
to work duplicate stitch or Swiss darning
to design their own motifs
You will receive a resource binder of notes and ideas for future projects.
Please email for yarn and needle information.
Registration is required by July 22.

Mosaic Knitting Basics

Saturday August 12


Mosaic knitting is a method of forming designs in two colours, where the knitter never has to hold more than one strand at a time.  

One colour s left at the edge while the other is being used.  The stitches that form the design are slipped so that the colour is carried over two rows.  

The resulting fabric resembles Fair Isle and it’s gorgeous!

Here is the jacket that I knit using Mosaic techniques.

 We will get started by working a garter stitch sample and then a stocking stitch sample.

I’ll have a selection of project ideas for you to look at.

You will receive a resource binder of notes and ideas for future projects.


Knitting Two Socks on One Circular Needle Toe Up!

Tuesdays 6:30 to 9:00   July 25, August 1 and 8



‘ever wondered why people either love or hate this method so much?
You will love it if you are a sock knitter who will do anything to avoid Kitchener Stitch or
someone who has a really hard time getting around to that second sock!
We’ll begin by casting on and knitting both toes, then begin knitting our way along the feet, trying on as we go for a good fit.
We’ll shape where we need it, then discuss our heel options.  I will show you how to work a Fish Lips Kiss Heel (purchased by you separately).
We will cast off together using an elastic cast off.
Please email for yarn and needle information.
Registration is required by July 18.

Stuck on the Zipper?

 Saturday September 30 noon to 5

Why might you be stuck?
1.  zippers must be stitched in by hand
2.  knitting can be hard to control and might stretch
3.  zippers are a commitment and don’t look great left open and hanging
4.  it’s tricky to get them in evenly 
5.  they can make an edge stiff and inflexible
I’d love to help with all these issues.
You’ll have a little homework to prepare, and then we’ll get busy learning all the tricks to get you unstuck.
You will receive a fully illustrated binder of notes with my step by step approach to doing this stress free.
Projects are welcome.
Please email if you would like more information and the homework details.
Registration is required early for this one because I will be ordering some little zippers for you.
Registration is required by August 1.